House of Ronin, the new Japanese restaurant situated on Via Canonica in Milan, is bearing also the signature of Brenta Imperial. Actually Brenta Imperial has produced under the supervision of the Design Unit di Salva Tu Alma and the Studio SC+ (Architects Simone Colombo and Michela dell’Orto), a part of interiors for this project perfectly balancing between the 70s and 90s

The neo-liberty building was conceived as a dreamlike universe made of layers and levels designed in ascending path on four floors, each of them offering a unique experience in terms of taste, architecture and experience.

Even before entering you find yourselves in a retro-futuristic environment and atmosphere of famous films by David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrik and Sofia Coppola. There are multiple and free inspirations for Blade Runner, for that futuristic East rooted at the same times in the tradition.

Every single object and detail has been conceived to be unique: from boiserie panels and bar counters to benches and tables. Everything in the House of Ronin has been custom designed and made with the maximum attention to detail.

Brenta Imperial was able to give shape to sophisticated furniture, complex both from aesthetic and manufacturing point of view thanks to the artisan know-how and the most advanced technologies. It’s an important project involving all Brenta Imperial departments, offering to Salva Tu Alma and the Studio SC+ a complete support from the design phase to installation.

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Brenta Imperial / House of Ronin