Brenta Imperial works daily on limiting as much as possible its environmental impact

Both in its production departments and the offices Brenta Imperial has provided and is still providing a number of actions aimed to promoting sustainability and circular economy themes.

It is for this reason that Brenta Imperial has chosen Perpetua the pencil as its communication support. Born and produced in Italy by a controlled recovery chain, it is made of 80% graphite powder, 100% recovered and recycled of waste obtained from the industrial processing of electrodes, adding a special binder to make it more resistant and durable than any other pencil. Thanks to its design by Marta Giardini Studio, in 2016 Perpetua the pencil got the Honorable Mention by ADI Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) International Design Award, the oldest and most recognized worldwide.

It’s an object containing within Brenta Imperial values: passion for Made in Italy and design, respect for environment and attention to details.

Perpetua for Brenta Imperial