Bespoke furniture

Brenta Imperial boasts a team of skilled craftsmen able to give shape to any custom furniture project with no limits in terms of style and  type of use. Thanks to its know-how, Brenta Imperial produces furniture for residential and commercial units as well as for hospitality industry. Our research and development department and a constantly updated material library enable us to carry out any type of project and meet the most diverse aesthetic and functional needs.

state-of-the-art technology

Brenta Imperial technical office offers its support to architects and designers for executive design and launch of projects. Cutting-edge and constantly updated technologies (5-axis CNC machining centers, membrane press for curving, panel saw, hot presse) allow us to create sophisticated elements and products elaborated in details.

The internal paint center ensure the maximum control of finishes and enables to experiment with new finishes.

Tradition and craftsmanship

Technology and innovation are combined with the sensitivity and manual skills of craftsmen for the creation of special decorations and finishes that can be created only by wise expert hands. In this way Brenta Imperial keeps alive a historical tradition of the territory and the dignity of the made in Italy.

Brenta Imperial


The are the following production steps in manufacturing of every piece of furniture:

  • panel selection and cutting
  • selected essences veneering
  • precision drilling and machining using 5-axis numerical control machines (CNC)
  • bench assembly and disassembly
  • sanding
  • painting and polishing of components
  • finishing and accessories application
  • packaging

Transport and assembly services are carried out in partnership with specialized companies coordinated by Brenta Imperial team in order to guarantee the highest quality level.

Brenta Imperial supports its customers also in the after-sales period offering a dedicated service.