Brenta Imperial is a young manufacturing company deeply rooted into the best Italian craft tradition and having vocation for innovation and research as well.

A company which considers “made in Italy” to be its essence and internationalization as an innate ability. An advanced carpentry experimenting innovative solutions for unique projects.

Tradition and territory

Brenta Imperia originates from an area of rich history and beautiful nature.

Like the river from which it takes its name, Brenta Imperial is in a constant motion.  The company is as solid as the riverbed, but able to adapt to its customers needs like water flows. Like the river Brenta, which runs down from the mountains towards the sea, the company is oriented towards its own clear goal: customer satisfaction.

Customers assistance

From production to installation, up to after-sales service.

Brenta Imperial supports its customers in each phase, from design to assembly, thanks to a deep know-how in terms of processes, management and materials. It’s a constantly updated knowledge always aimed to ensure top results.

Researches and development

Brenta Imperial strongly believes in continuous streamline as a result of tcombining experience, experimentation and training. Each project is submitted to thorough analysis and preliminary study by the technical and the creative departments of Brenta Imperial with the aim to offering innovative aesthetic and functional solutions so that each work becomes unique and original.

The materials are selected together with the customer offering a wide range of alternatives and finishes made using traditional processes or manually, according to original design for unique and customized solutions.


Valued synergies creating is an essential point for Brenta Imperial to guarantee to its customer a quality service as well as competitive costs and production time.

The partners selected by Brenta Imperial are professionals and companies representing the top level of Made in Italy, who contribute to make each product unique with high quality guaranty.

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